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Sketch in progress is here! During the event he will have a pair of pants altered to allow for the tail and may wear his cape or occasionally find a shirt/vest that he can work around the wings for pockets.
*Mandatory Changes:
Sharp fangs in place of teeth - based on Diabolos's, they're partly human-like, but pointed.
Red eyes that glow when using magic
Pointed ears
Dark claws instead of fingernails/toenails
Four long, sharp horns on the head
Large bat-like wings capable of flight
A long, whip-like tail
The ability to use dark magic (Primary spells: binding a human to a spot, create/manipulate fire, possession (temporary intangible form, once a day, up to an hour), soul-stealing)
Immunity to Fire
Weakness to salt and holy magic

*Optional/cosmetic Changes:
Scattered patches of scales (shoulders, arms, lower-legs)
Triangular spade on the tip of the tail
Black lips/sclera
Spines - there's some odd sharp spikes around his jaw/chin mimicking Diabolos's
Teleportation via fire-circles on the ground
Skin red with black markings

Image is his wereform on/close to a full moon; the facial features are less fully lupine around new moons, but still fully furred - reference image here. The mane in the image is also puffed out fully; while still excessively fluffy and visible, it will not always be bristled to quite that extent.

Common wardrobe/identifying marks: At present he's likely to usually be in his uniform in the daytime if he can get away with it.

Mandatory Changes

His were form is based on a Maned Wolf; he transforms at night, changing back when the sun is visible to him again, save on fog days when he's in were-form continually. During daytime he is fully human.

*Upper and lower canine teeth elongated into sharp fangs - including the optional The rest of the teeth elongated into fangs; his teeth in were-form are fully canine, if scaled around to fit in something that isn't a full muzzle on days when the moon's less full.

*Wolf-like pointed ears - Fully mobile and will follow with expressions.

*Fur on the back, shoulders, and arms - including the optional fur on any other part of the body; he's fully furred with basically the exception of paw pads and the like.

*Clawed hands and feet with paw pads on the bottom - His feet are full digitigrade lupine paws. He doesn't gain any mass in were-form, but the change in his foot/leg structure and proportions to maned wolf ridiculous makes him taller... and even more of a stick.

*Sharpened senses - Heightened senses of smell and hearing; he's capable of scent-tracking, recognizing individuals, and catching other details. Of course this also means that sounds/smells can be potentially disabling.

*Post-transformation fatigue - Highly energetic in were/wolf form, but struck with severe exhaustion on changing back; he'll be pretty worthless during the day most of the time.

*Weakness to silver and wolfsbane - Direct contact with either is painful; ingesting wolfsbane or being wounded with silver is crippling to fatal. As if wolfsbane NEEDED to be more lethal to pretty much anything. Seriously, it'll cripple/kill a human that ingests it, it got called wolfsbane because it was used to POISON WOLVES.

*Hunger and hunting instinct - Strict obligate carnivore with predatory instincts, including chase instinct - avoid unexpected sudden movements. He might make himself sick on stronger instinct nights trying to eat fruit as well as meat if he finds it unattended, but it'll get overridden by predatory instincts; you might distract him with a piece of bloody meat, but a pear won't distract him if he's hungry.

Optional Changes
*Bright yellow eyes - May sometimes occur during daytime if something tworks instinct or gets him angry.

*A wolf tail - It's floofy, not nearly as long as his legs, and white-tufted at the tip.

*Longer arms for the ability to run fast on all fours - Considering that he is getting some of the build of a maned wolf, this makes him look either uncanny-valley creepy or just ridiculous.

*Any number of wolf-like facial features - Varies with the phase of the moon! During new moons, it's fairly mild; he has a canid nose, wolflike eyes, fully furred face with maned wolf markings and just sketchy bits of his bangs merged with his mane, along with the faint suggestion of a muzzle. On full moon days he has a full wolf's head. In between it will be a visible gradual shift from more human-like to more wolf-like and back.

*A pack instinct - He's more inclined to form strong cooperative attachments, and someone familiar enough can use this to be safe on full moon days short of a full-blown berserk. He'll also be inclined to run/hunt with other werewolves, especially on full moon nights or nights when the moon's larger in the sky.

*Lunar influence - His general strength/agility waxes and wanes with the moon, along with impulses and wolf instincts; the more full the moon is, the more feral and impulsive he is in were form, with some of the impulse/instinct bleeding over in the daytime. For a while he's going to be in and out of "mostly feral" on full moons.

*Heightened jump ability - he can leap onto rooftops of small buildings easily, or equivalent one/two story heights.

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CHARACTER SERIES: Final Fantasy: Type-0

Backtagging: YES. ALWAYS.
Threadhopping: Depends on the thread, but feel free to ask!
Fourthwalling: I don't mind, but it might depend on the game rules.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): As long as it's handled vaguely respectfully OOC'ly, I have no real problems with anything.

Hugging this character: Sure!
Kissing this character: Yes. It'll be a lot of awkward.
Flirting with this character: Sure. I make no guarantees he'll realize what's going on.
Fighting with this character: Allowed!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes, though I'll probably want advance warning/planning for crippling injuries.
Killing this character: Yes with advance warning/plotting; if a thread's going that way I'll probably drop some kind of a note if I'm okay with him dying there or if I've got other plans close by and would like to avoid it.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, have fun with that...


1) Trey may not realize that some of his background would be unsettling to others, and he's comfortable with having been active military/spec ops the last year or so - he won't really think twice about things like having a battlefield kill count he'd need to think to estimate. There's some other things (implied human experimentation, however mindful/careful Arecia was with them, for one) that he DOES know not to talk about normally that are occasional factors with him.

2) Trey can sometimes have the social grace of a blind giraffe in a tripwire factory. I apologize in advance, and will probably apologize at the time, depending on how bad his occasional lack of tact and delicacy goes, especially if it strays into uncomfortable territory.

4) If I leave an opening in a tag for your character to interrupt him going on a lecture, not only will I not take offense, Trey probably won't either, because his siblings do it to him all the time.

5) Not a warning exactly, just a note for anyone canon-familiar. I am using the English translation and names for things where there was a change - mainly important for the names of the nations and the what the official translation is on some terms that could've been more than one English word. The Crystals are named for the four legendary beasts, the English just turns it into the translated names for them instead of the Japanese names - "Black Tortoise", "White Tiger", "Vermillion Bird", and "Azure Dragon" instead of Genbu, Byakko, Suzaku, and Seiryu. If I am tagging late or something and accidentally do something like call it the Suzaku Crystal instead of the Vermillion Bird Crystal, I will probably catch it later, but it is not the kind of error fix where I will care if you tag back and it can't be edited. For the relative convenience of not mixing versions on potential castmates, Trey IC'ly can be assumed to be using the English version names for them and not recognize the others even if I have a dumb moment in dialogue.

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!
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(If you drop by to donate outside of weirdly late or night-time hours, there are a couple local researchers that will take blood samples... and have a few questions, "to help learn what happened to all of you on arrival and how the changes work", which are fairly clearly something they've got a standard form for.

This is just as valid if someone wants to handwave a donation when Trey is awake in late-evening or at night; if he's caught in late-evening, he's a tall, skinny seventeen year old...and at night he's an overly long-limbed ridiculous stilt-werewolf trying very hard to ignore being a werewolf while he works.)

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Jun. 6th, 2025 11:09 am
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Glory and Gore - Lorde
There's a humming in the restless summer air
And we're slipping off the course that we prepared
But in all chaos, there is calculation
Dropping glasses just to hear them break..
It's clear that someone's gotta go
We mean it, but I promise we're not mean

And the cry goes out
They lose their minds for us
And how it plays out
Now we're in the ring
And we're coming for blood

You could try and take us
But we're the gladiators
Everyone a rager
But secretly we're saviors
Glory and gore go hand in hand
That's why we're making headlines
You could try and take us
But victory's contagious

Delicate in every way but one (the swordplay)
God knows we like archaic kinds of fun (the old way)
Chance is the only game I play with, baby
We let our battles choose us...

No-one 'round here's good at keeping their eyes closed
The sun's starting to light up when we're walking home
Tired little laughs, gold lie promises, we'll always win at this
I don't ever think about death
It's alright if you do, it's fine
We gladiate but I guess we're really fighting ourselves
Roughing up our minds so we're ready when the kill time comes
Wide awake in bed, words in my brain, "Secretly you love this
Do you even wanna go free?"
Let me in the ring, I'll show you what that big word means

Africanus - Cruxshadows
Is this the way we let it in
Our legacy erased
Invaders cut a path within
Devouring everything

And they will if we let them
And they will if we run
What they take from us now
It can't be undone

I won't stand down — there's no surrender
Nowhere left we can retreat
I won't stand down — there's no surrender
No surrender, no surrender
You cannot advance if you don't fight back
And you won't fight back if you don't believe
Where peace is laid impossible
Prepare for war to Zama
Follow me

Strength is order and weakness prey
But I alone design my fate
I know too well with schemes transparent
Must resort to trickery
I'll take the battle back to Carthage
Where triumph fades into defeat
Revenge avenged, and so it carries
Scipio to victory...

This is my purpose, the strength to begin
I channel some courage, I summon it in
This is my gift, the act of my tears
This is my prayer, embracing my fear
This is my family, this is my home
A lifetime believing and all that I know
This is the place I choose to defend
And I'll defend it, to the end
This is my honor, this is my word
This is the voice you've already heard
This is my faith that rises above
This is my everything—I give it to love

And they will if we let them
And they will if we run
What they want from us now
We give to no one

I won't stand down—there's no surrender
Nowhere left we can retreat
I won't stand down—there's no surrender
No substitute for tenacity
You cannot advance if you don't fight back
And you won't fight back if you don't believe
Where peace is laid impossible
Prepare for war

Cardinal Directions - ThouShaltNot
I split the atom of one second
Choosing history's lathe
Each word summons now the next
A master to his slave
Countless links
Within some silent chain
And time becomes the sediment that drifts to algae
Divorced from comets' trains
In the East a reflection
Of the Western sunset
North, South, pole to pole
Turn back in regret
And to the East I might stumble
To the West I would crawl
And if North is the winter
Then South is the fall

And if I had my way
I'd make the clock rewind
I'd live again that moment
Though I know I'll never find
The future that I missed
A parallel line
Where the world would be so bright
That it could make us all go blind
And if I had my day
There's so much I'd reclaim
The sanctity of motion
The neverending rain
The cardinal directions
All pointing to the past
Where realities converge
And for a moment, we're the same
(As always)

And magnets spin the compass
In an embryonic flame
Somewhere is the promise
Of an uncharted trail
With seven hundred branching limbs
And seven hundred ways to fail
To the East a reflection
Of the new moon in the West
Her timeless watch is quiet
Over tides of her unrest
To the North is the current
Of a man breathing out
Giving birth to the breeze
To be inhaled in the South

Scars Flown Proud - Faith and the Muse
We are the inheritors: The evidence of Heaven
Descendants of a legacy
Gone but not forgotten
We are the inheritors
Of the grand persuasion
Descendents of its masquerade
Numb but not defeated

Welcome to the silent war
To the world we never hoped to gain
The great disguise
Wandering between two realms
One dead the other rarely dwells
Behind our eyes
Lest we be sorely recognized

What little good intentions seem
But obviate the bloom of self esteem
We'll save our prayers
Inured to wounds from bleeding minds
Where wisdom dares not mix with time
Never fear
They'll age, they'll change, they'll disappear

In every dance no steps are placed
And every path mistakes are made
If all paths lead but to the grave
Then let us dance along our way

Gliding from room to room all cast in celebrated gloom
With no where yet to rest our head
Waiting for a door to open from within and bring us home
Lest we possess our souls again

Chosen - Arena
We live amongst you
In the guise of the mortal men
You'll never see us in the crowd
We only look towards
What purpose we've been sent
And wait until the time is now

Imagine you can tell us all apart
From prophecy or old wives tales
Or from the warnings of a singular birthmark
But these are merely all false trails

Freedom of speech but we have no voice
Freedom of spirit but we have no choice
Given no help to meet these demands
Given no help it's out of our hands

Never turn around never look behind
Got to turn the water into wine

Trial By Fire - ThouShaltNot
Here and now it doesn't matter
The highway you have taken
For now as you awaken
You're underneath new skin

I'm setting you in motion
And opening your eyes
And underneath these skies
You'll forget all whom you've been

I dust away the plaster
From off your breathing body
You're touching your autonomy
You'll never be the same

And fingers grab at nothing
For the first time they are feeling
For the first time they are healing
As I whisper your new name

The passing of an hour
The splitting of a fraction
A chemical reaction
Is waiting to fluoresce

Your mind is still rewiring
The colors of the morning
The sound of hornets swarming
The glow of my caress

And have you seen the outside
The world that lies beyond us
Where streets are paved with jaundice
Where innocence forgot

And have you seen the future
So hard it tries to hold you
So hard it tries to mold you
To something you are not

Can you live on your own
I give you up, I turn to stone
Go now into the world
Trial by fire

Here, now, start to move
Uncertain with each step you take
What is gentleness
Beyond my eyes, beyond my bodyscape

Turn and look one more time
See me brimming with
Saltwater brine
Away you run, away I give

I sculpt your nature within
I am your Pygmalion
Go now into the world
Trial by fire

Let Us Burn - Within Temptation
Now darkness has come to the roses
The fire is reaching the end
The colors that I have created
Are suddenly flying away

I'm not fighting myself, will not follow
'Cause my choices are mine it's my fate
And I'll never bow down from the sorrow
I'll face all that is coming my way

Denying the devil of silence
Embracing the world on the edge

Let us burn
Let us burn and light up the skies here tonight
Let us burn
Let us burn in this fire that makes us yearn
We're fighting our fear of the silence
We're running through walls where they stand
Let us burn

I'm searching no more for tomorrow
I reach for the skies while I can
The unknown will always be waiting
My last day I'll jump in it's hands

Revelations - Zack Hemsey
When the sun fades out
And the blackness shrouds
And the wolves all howl
And the stones fall loud
When the fear is found
And nightmares hound
Will you drown in the plague that surrounds

Weight upon a point of pressure, watch as it implodes
Wind upon a way of life, see how it erodes
Seek inside a rose to find the wilting of a soul
Seize a path unknown and then you’ll walk the world alone
Now travel past the bones of prophets and warlords
Past the empty thrones and treasures of gold hoards
Past the vacant vaults of pharaohs that came before
Beyond the crowns of kings once mighty and so adored
And to the top of the ancient ziggurats
To the pyramids and plots and the holy lands forgot
And drop by a place where you can find a spot
That can spot a panorama of the messages in crops
Then stop, ponder if it serves to insight
Does it shed a light on the Armageddon that’s in sight
Can it aid or help excite the armies that march strong
The battle to find calm that rattles the rage on
Climb on in the race to belong
Hang on in the face of the harm
Move through with the pace of a charge
And resist the alarm to embrace all the wrong
Is it truth or just words in a song
Is it hope, is it fear of forgone
Am I knight, am I lowly the pawn
Let it known at the sound of the gong

This is Mayan times
But I am not afraid
And I won’t die today
So pull me under
I fear no thunder

Who knows why their stronghold couldn’t hold me at bay
Why their strength couldn’t control me away
Why the drive will not decline or decay
Or why design will leave alive one today
One to prey hard in a graveyard lay
One to take charge in a Braveheart way
A mournful mist to assist and portray
The tears of grown men no pen will convey
Without a leader to address or sway
Our losses move under and cross the raw thunder
Without an angel to embrace or save
Our hope is fused into these stones that hold hundreds
And I choose to stand
Though I’m bruised and branded
I refuse the noose that I’m handed
My eulogy will read:
“To Hell he’s been and sipped their scorched gin with a sinful grin”
Oh strange am I
Strangely eyed to look calm as our worlds collide
Fools can find shade thinking fate is blind
Their safety buys stakes for their purpose dies
Though worthless lives are worth less lives
My words revive and cry loud for the certain sign
Till end of days sound and the earth is dry
Know this is a farewell but it’s not goodbye
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Name: Birdy
Contact: kyanve@gmail.com, shirhanblade (AIM), [plurk.com profile] kyanve
Other Characters: Kain Highwind (FFIV, Gargoyle)

Character Name: Trey
Age: 17
Canon: Final Fantasy: Type-0
Canon Point: Between Ch. 7 and Ch. 8
Character Information: Wiki entry!

(SPOILERS EVERYWHERE) Secretly you love this, do you even want to go free? Let me in the ring, I'll show you what that big word means )


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